don Fondation Canadiens pour l'enfance


Thanks to an $8,120 donation from the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation last May, Portage was able to buy new hockey equipment for its Lac Écho residential centre for youth in Prévost, Québec.

Portage bought the new hockey gear to replace worn-out equipment and ensure the safety of the centre’s young residents. With the Foundation’s generous gift, the centre purchased a number of items, including new gloves, helmets, hockey sticks, shin pads, skates and goalie jerseys.

The young residents, aged 14 to 18, are very happy with the new equipment. “Buying new hockey gear may seem pretty routine for some, but it makes a big difference to us. We play a lot of hockey here”, explains Anthony, who has been at the Lac Écho centre for four months. A physical education teacher meets with the female and male residents of the centre to encourage them to stay active.

Hockey brings people together. It helps build team spirit and mutual support, part of the 21 competencies residents work on during their rehabilitation program. The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation’s generous gift will contribute to the physical and mental well-being of youth at the Lac Écho centre, which will in turn help its residents acquire the social skills and confidence they need to lead a productive, sober life.

Portage wishes to thank the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation for making these purchases possible and for their nearly 25 years of partnership. It’s thanks to partners like the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation that Portage can carry out its mission to overcome substance abuse.



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