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Forum of Experts on Regulation of Cannabis in Quebec


Radio-Canada Portage, which has many rehabilitation centers, is disappointed that it has not been invited to the Forum of Experts on Regulation of Cannabis in Quebec. Portage is concerned that no rehabilitation center, working in the field, has been part of this consultation which was organized by the Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection, Public Health… Read more »

Portage: 214 young people receive their diploma


24 heures “I was miserable at that time in my life, explains Étienne. I had ADHD with hyperactivity since elementary school but I was not diagnosed. This led me to several conflicts with authority. I decided to rebel myself, “he says. Read more

Access to Portage is facilitated for young people


As part of National Addictions Awareness Week, a visit to the Portage Rehabilitation Centre was a must. Read more

Learning to live again


Despite their young age, Jade and Simon have experienced major upheavals. As people suffering from drug addiction, they are currently at Portage for a duration of six months. Read more

McKenna cuts ribbon on gym to help youth combat drug addiction


Telegraph-Journal The ribbon was cut on a facility that allows young people overcoming drug addiction to come full circle in their healing. The opening of the Lewis Fitness Centre at the Portage Atlantic rehabilitation centre for youth was held on Friday afternoon with former premier Frank McKenna taking the scissors as honorary chairman of the… Read more »

crystal meth et le sexe

First Study on the Use of Crystal Meth and Sex


fugues Crystal meth is now a substance widely used among gay men during sex parties. Whether it is inhaled or injected, it increases and prolongs sexual pleasure. According to Clinique l’Actuel’s data, the number of crystal meth consumers has doubled in seven years.   “Simply put, when people discuss substance addiction and rehabilitation options, sex… Read more »

Youth at Portage Atlantic reach major milestone


Kings County Record   After completing a six-month drug rehabilitation treatment program at Portage Atlantic, 20-year-old Jamie Gallant says he carries a special message with him he once heard from a speaker. “‘You’re the light and there’s going to be a person that follows you,’” he quoted.   Read the article

Cassidy Lake - Portage Atlantic - Summer

Alexa Landry talks about her recovery at Portage Atlantic


Interview with Alexa Landry, a Portage Atlantic graduate, and staff Greg Savoury. Click here to listen to the interview (in French)

Graduates of rehab program celebrate second chances


CTV News Etienne Jobin is one of the graduates. He began using drugs when he was just 12-years-old. “I started doing things like mushrooms, I tried MDMA, I went on to LSD and cocaine and my life started spiraling completely out of control,” he said. For read the article ans see the video, click here.

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We’re young people with really adult problems


Telegraph-Journal ”But his life didn’t always involve drugs. The 21-year-old says he had a normal childhood, attending St. Stephen High School and maintaining a healthy social life. But he then entered university and became attracted to a life of partying. And tragedy soon followed. His older brother was in a serious car accident where he… Read more »