The RPCU 2023 congress (Regroupement Provincial des Comités des Usagers) was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Laval on October 12 and 13 under the theme 'Let’s talk decentralization for the benefit of users!' On this occasion, 5 people involved in either the Portage - Montreal region users' committee or the residents' committees attended the event.

During the Congress, various leaders of the RPCU delivered speeches among others on the status of the future of the users’ committees versus the new Bill 15. Members also heard passionate views on the centralization of services.

Finally, it was an opportunity for them to meet and exchange with other UC and RC members from various backgrounds and from across the province, in addition to attending very interesting workshops. Another great opportunity for the small team to strengthen their ties!


In the photo from left to right:

Léonie Provost, UC member
Gabryël Hamel, Quality Assurance Agent at the Lionel-Groulx Centre
Sonia Leblanc, contact person for the Montreal region UC and all Portage RCs
Mélodie Bouchard, staff member in charge of the RC at the Mother & Child program
James Najem, staff member in charge of the RC for TSTM

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