Many employees from Portage’s corporate partners volunteer with our organization. On October 13th this year, KPMG and Deloitte employees spent a day with our residents.

KPMG at Lac Écho

Francophone youth at our Lac Écho program had an opportunity to chat with employees of the KPMG accounting firm while they worked together on various outdoor tasks.

Talking with professionals encourages our youth to keep studying and think about their career.

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Deloitte at the Mother-Child Centre


The residents of Portage’s Mother-Child centre welcomed Deloitte employees, who accompanied them throughout their day. Employees attended the morning meeting and then talked with the mothers about their lives. Working together, they created a gigantic mandala. For the mothers, this visit was an opportunity to be recognized and honoured for their decision to enter Portage, to free themselves from the hell of addiction and to provide a better future for their children.

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Portage is grateful to KPMG and Deloitte volunteers for the interest and devotion shown to our residents.

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