knowing how to let go


I am not a Victim

Only I am responsible for my actions and my decisions. I could forever blame my difficulties on my parents, the people around me, my mental health issues, my alcoholism, my lack of education, my lack of discipline or even on my broken childhood. But I’d get nothing good out of it. Only victimhood and feelings of sorrow and helplessness.

How can I actually maintain expectations for a world filled with violence and contradictions? I truly believe that suffering cannot be measured.

 knowing how to let go


Knowing How to Let Go

Granted, it’s not easy to raise emotional barriers against situations I have no control over and that could, at any moment, destroy my happiness. My peace of mind is quickly put to the test when I put it in someone else’s hands. Isn’t it selfish and crazy to hold someone else responsible for my well-being and, on top of it, to be resentful when they don’t fulfill my expectations? Who can know better than me what I need? Only I have the responsibility to preserve my happiness and to protect it from others, whether they be an employer, a partner, a colleague, a friend, or family.


When I consider that about 2.6 million people die every year of contaminated water and of unsanitary living conditions, and that a third of the world population does not have access to safe toilets, I realize that I live in abundance, and that I am lucky to be able to go through bad news, grief and lack of self confidence in the comfort and warmth of my own home.


knowing how to let go
Make an effort to see what’s positive

Every day, I could complain: “ If only my day hadn’t started so badly, if only the CV I sent last week got a positive response, if only my grandmother didn’t pass away in 2002, if only I didn’t have to deal with all these emotional and mental issues, if only my partner was more affectionate, if only I didn’t live on this planet, if only.. if only... I would be happy today “.

Instead, I can choose to respect my routine, my integrity, the people I love and even those I don’t always get along with. I can take care of myself and respect as best I can my values, make an effort to see what’s positive, and, if need be, get help from easily accessible resources here, in Montreal. That’s what I did, when I signed up to MIRE to get help with my job search.

I believe that happiness is the capacity to feel inner peace and to stay calm in the face of difficult situations. Today I am grateful to be healthy, to have enough to eat, to have friends and to be surrounded by people I appreciate.


Marie-Ève, Group 140 - MIRE


Centres of Portage


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