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Stories like Fred’s are at the core of what we do at Portage. We are proud to share her story and to encourage other residents to share theirs.

“Hi, my name is Frederic Laforge and I’m an addict. I was in the Portage program when I was only 15 years old, I am now 26 years old and it has changed my life. I was lost, scared and didn’t really like myself. Drugs became a problem in my life. I needed to escape from my reality, an escape that became an addiction.

Portage took me into their family, cared for me and never judged me for what I had done, they understood. I was surrounded with other people with the same problems, which made me feel like I was not alone in this battle. Many of the staff have had problems with addiction and related to me on all levels. It was hard and it took me more months than expected, but it was all worth it. I have now been drug free for almost 12 years.

I recommend Portage to anyone, I mean, even people that didn’t deal with hardcore addictions. Portage brings the best out of you and teaches you values to be a better person. It gives you the tools you need to live a better life. I will never forget about Portage and I support them with all my heart and soul. Whenever they need me to do a speech, I go, no questions asked. I visit Cassidy Lake at least once a year. I plan on keeping that tradition with me for as long as I can, to remind me of where I came from and who was at my side when I needed help. Never forget your reality.”

Fred LaForge
Owner of Smithy Creative Group
Portage Atlantic Graduate

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