For the 28e Semaine nationale de prévention du suicide (28th National Suicide Prevention Week), it’s a good thing to remind ourselves that after the rain always comes the sun. Many stars have managed to pull through tough times.

Here are eight stars who held on to life in spite of their feelings of hopelessness or their problems with drug addiction. They are now leading happy lives and bringing much joy their fans!



Drew Barrymore



Drew discovered alcohol when she was nine. At ten, she used cannabis for the first time. At only 13, she was admitted into detox. One year later, she attempted suicide for the first time. Three years later, she tried again. But at 42, Drew has a brilliant carrier in acting, and she radiates health and happiness.




In 1996, the rapper experienced many professional and personal failures. He had already struggled with alcohol, sleeping pills, and pain killer abuse. During those dark days, he tried to put an end to his life. But in 1999, Marshall Mather, better known as Eminem, became the popular artist we all know today.


Mike Tyson



Mike Tyson’s chaotic life drove him right into depression. To ease his pain, he chose to do drugs. After having attempted to end his life in a car accident, the boxer chose to regain control of his life.

Britney Spears



During her rehab treatment in 2007, it was rumored that Britney tried to commit suicide. After her breakup with Kevin Federline, Britney used various substances that made her want to put an end to it all. Today, the 36 year-old woman has her life back under control.

In Quebec


Marie-Claude Savard



Marie-Claude Savard works as a host, an author and a columnist. She opened up two years ago about her troubled teen years. Around 14, she tried to commit suicide twice. Today, as the mother of a little girl and the spokesperson for Jeunesse J’écoute (Kids Help Phone), Marie-Claude says it’s important to ask for help, because there is always a solution.

Rosalie Bonenfant



As an actress and a columnist, Rosalie Bonenfant is a role model for her generation. In 2015, the young woman was going through times so difficult she didn’t think she was strong enough to overcome. “The best way to patch yourself up is to talk to loved-ones, or to people who are waiting to get your call or your text message, and who have the right words to ease the pain.” Three years later, she is still committed to finding the right tools, and the right words.

Étienne Boulay



Étienne Boulay’s carrier change was difficult. Engaging in excessive behavior pushed him to his limits. “I had decided to put an end to my life. I had no self-esteem. I was causing pain to those who cared for me. People who didn’t deserve all this stress, all this pain and all those sleepless nights.” Crushed by feelings of guilt, Étienne attempted suicide. But today, he’s happy to be alive, and feels grateful.

France Castel



France Castel’s past is heavily marked with drugs, alcohol, setbacks and mental illness. She also tried to end her life. “It all comes from this feeling of being useless, unwanted. I feel I’m not enough, not ok.” At 73 today, France says her life wasn’t always a walk in the park, but that it was well worth living.


For its 28th National Suicide Prevention Week, l’Association québécoise de prévention du suicide (the Quebec Association for Suicide Prevention) is launching a new website for the general population, for people who have suicidal thoughts and for their loved-ones, and for the professionals who specialize in suicidal ideation counselling.

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