In March 2022, Portage acquired its first hybrid vehicle for the Lac Echo rehabilitation center in Prévost, Quebec. This car sets a much larger project to move forward toward a full fleet of electric vehicles in motion. The goal of said project is to better meet the organization’s mobility needs more sustainably.

Energy transition, which is the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, is a societal issue that must be at the heart of the development strategies of current companies. Portage has therefore made it its mission to transition its entire fleet of vehicles to hybrid-electric. This project will continue to develop over the next 10 years and will include several hybrid vehicles in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. In addition to hybrid vehicles, Portage wants to install charging stations at each of its centers and service points to allow the proper functioning of its fleet.

Portage’s mission is to help dependent people regain a healthy and productive lifestyle. Nevertheless, Portage is environmentally aware and actively working toward sustainability via this sustainable mobility project.


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