Interview with Portage Atlantic graduate


Tonight at the Kingswood Turnaround Achievement Awards, Tatyannah Coté will be recognized for her commitment to changing her life around.  Tatyannah was a resident at the Portage Atlantic rehabilitation treatment centre where she learned to work with the phases of the program and gained interest in continuing her education.  She is a student at the… Read more »

‘It was an all-day thing’: Former student battled addiction



Telegraph-Journal January 11, 2019 Jared Longphee says he wasn’t in high school for long when he realized he had a problem with drugs. Longphee graduated from Harrison Trimble High School in Moncton in 2017. He was supposed to graduate a year earlier, but says his drug addiction and a stint in a recovery program slowed… Read more »

Montreal Transitional Home Helps Drug Users Heal


Hind lives in Portage’s new transitional housing facility in Montreal, Habitations Communautaires Portage II. It’s a place where she feels safe and supported… Read the article.

‘That’s not what my parents would want for me’


Telegraph-Journal April 16, 2018 Logan Sharpe lost both of his parents when he was in middle school, and that tragedy, combined with mental-health challenges, led him to drugs and alcohol, he says. He was in and out of school, and on a dark path. He ended up at the Portage Atlantic drug-rehab program at Cassidy… Read more »

New community housing centre helps addicts reintegrate


habitations communautaires

CTV News   A new community housing project was inaugurated on Monday, part of a program aimed at helping recovering addicts stay clean after completing stints in rehab.The new building, which is operating by drug addiction rehabilitation group Portage, is the second of its kind in Montreal’s Southwest borough. Containing 30 units, it allows residents… Read more »

Dr. Dennis Furlong remembered as ‘a good man’


Dennis Furlong

March 15, 2018 Telegraph-Journal   Speaking at the celebration of the life of Dr. Dennis Furlong of Dalhousie, his brother, Gary, said that prior to his death the man had said that he hoped there’d be a big snowstorm, so nobody could come. Furlong got part of his wish: there was a storm, but that… Read more »