To drink or not to drink, is a question that often trots about our heads considering the latter is less encouraged when being out. Society so glorifies alcohol that opting to not drink during a party could be perceived by others as having a problem. Nevertheless, having a good time while being sober has its advantages. Here are a few of them…


Being lucid is being the smartest of the group

The big advantage of being sober while you’re out is related to those around you who have opted to drink. You are able to retain all of your faculties. When consuming alcohol, your speech deteriorates and your physical and mental faculties suffer. Not consuming alcohol enables you to standout from the crowd. When we are in our normal state, we’re unique.


Your (good) memory

One too many is a black hole. Not being able to remember, not feeling well and the fact of not being in control of what we can do or say, is the result of having too much alcohol. The toxins present in alcohol damage our short-term memory and prevent the brain from working normally. Being sober enables you to keep your memories intact and well-etched in your mind, which is priceless.


Avoiding negative interactions

We have a tendency of becoming uninhibited under the influence of alcohol. We may become carefree and that is not necessarily a good thing as we are no longer likely to take care of ourselves. Speaking to strangers is not a bad thing in and of itself, but the ability to sense danger or protect oneself is altered. It’s by staying sober that we avoid these negative interactions.

Saving Money

The sale of alcohol is a very prolific business that encourages us to consume. Rare are those that know exactly how much they spend per month on alcohol. It is however a good exercise to encourage one to opt for Perrier or fruit juice while they’re out. Not only are those people feeling better the next morning, but they also end up with more money in their pockets.

The New Trend: The Sober Party

This is a concept coming directly from Sweden that deserves a closer look. The idea is that when you arrive at your event, it is obligatory to not drink or have drunk before coming (a breathalyzer test is performed prior to entry). Then, everything is the same as a normal night out of dancing, except that you would be drinking mocktails instead of alcoholic beverages.

Why not let yourself be tempted by a sober party?




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