Four female residents and two counsellors from the Lac Écho Program for Adults attended a showing of the play « Of Mice and Men » on Tuesday November 6th thanks to a special invitation from Hydro-Québec. Through Hydro’s sponsorship, the Théâtre Duceppe launched a new program in August of this year to make the theatre more accessible to people aged 18 to 35 by matching the price of tickets to the age of the ticket buyers.

As part of the program, Hydro-Québec was able to invite 36 young people from six of the organizations it supports through donations or sponsorships to attend a special evening at the theatre. Portage received six of those invitations.

After the play, the six guests met with the actors and toured backstage. It was a special outing for the four female residents as they journey towards a productive and sober life. Many thanks to Hydro-Québec for inviting them.

One of the participants, who is originally from the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, had never been to a big theatre before. “I am touched that Hydro-Québec thought of us, she said. I had never been on this type of outing before, so it was a really unique experience for me.”

Lucile O’Leary, Donations and Sponsorship Advisor at Hydro-Québec, was delighted by the young women’s obvious enthusiasm, adding that it underscores the relevance and positive impact of Hydro-Québec’s initiative.

The Lac Écho program for adults helps residents understand the root causes of their substance use problems. Through the therapeutic community approach, counsellors support residents in their efforts to rediscover their self-esteem and acquire the social skills and confidence they need to lead a healthy, positive life.

The theatre outing was made possible by Hydro-Québec’s outstanding community engagement. Portage wishes to thank Hydro-Québec for its unwavering support these past 25 years and more. It is a real privilege to know we can count on their support.

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