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Responding quickly to youth and parents who require assistance is a major challenge for all partners in the youth drug-rehabilitation sector.

Last year, the managers of Portage’s drug addiction rehabilitation program for youth at Lac Écho initiated discussions with counsellors, partners, youth and parents to develop a project aimed at improving access to youth services.

Project development was based on two guiding principles. The first is that each time a youth (or a member of his family) reaches out to a resource, assistance must be provided quickly and in accordance with the youth’s needs (whether that assistance is provided by Portage or a partner); the second is that the person requesting help must be accompanied through every step of the process.

The provision of quicker access to services is based on five premises:

  • the availability of numerous doors through which services can be accessed (all doors are open to someone requiring services);
  • the promptness of the initial personalized response (the initial contact should take place within no more than 48 hours);
  • the shared responsibility of partners (each partner is responsible for supporting the youth who contact them and accompanying them throughout the service path);
  • coordination and continuity among partners (ensuring ongoing access in cooperation with community partners);
  • the primacy of youths’ needs (providing information on existing alternatives and respecting youths’ choices).

The project yielded conclusive results. Portage has seen a significant increase in the number of youth contacted who:

  • made an initial request;
  • completed an initial interview;
  • were admitted to Portage;
  • were referred to a partner.

The project was recognized by Accreditation Canada as an innovative process to provide quicker access to youth services. Read the Accreditation Report


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