Staff Team

Our drug addiction rehabilitation centres are staffed by multidisciplinary teams of individuals who are committed to supporting our clients’ growth and development.

Highly trained and experienced, they adhere to a strict code of practices and ethics.

Personnel - centre mère-enfant - Portage

  • Counsellors

  • Social Workers

  • Registered nurses and nurse practitioners

  • Administrative support team


Staff members in our drug addiction rehabilitation centres have acquired or have been encouraged to pursue International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium/Alcohol (IC&RC) certification through Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF).

In an effort to continually improve the quality of the service offering, we encourages our staff members to constantly further their knowledge and training to keep themselves up to date with the best therapeutic practices for substance abuse rehabilitation.


Some of our front-line counsellors are recovered individuals who went through the Portage program themselves, succeeded in their rehabilitation therapy and obtained the appropriate training to act as effective role models for the residents. Empathy, trust, and shared identity between clients and counsellors are key aspects of the recovery process in our programs, which is why the experience of these staff members is so valuable.


Our employees, both clinical and administrative, have been recognised by Accreditation Canada for the quality of their work.


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