Program Evaluation

We believe in the importance of constant evaluation in order to continuously improve the quality of our drug addiction programs and services.

To ensure that our rehabilitation treatment approach conforms to industry best practices, we validate its impact through program evaluation. This has kept Portage on the cutting edge of drug addiction treatment, thereby maintaining a reputation for excellence.

Research at Portage

A number of outcome studies over the past few years have consistently affirmed the soundness of Portage's therapeutic approach:

  • After treatment at Portage, there is a high rate of sustained sobriety - excellent results in a field where relapse is expected;
  • After treatment at Portage, there is a significant reduction in the use of hard drugs;
  • After treatment at Portage, clients can better contribute to and participate in the community, which leads to harm reduction and increased benefits for society;
  • The longer the length of time in therapy, the greater the success.