Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Portage fosters the strengths and skills of substance-dependent persons to enable them, through comprehensive and cost-effective interventions based on the therapeutic community approach, to live lives of sobriety, filled with dignity, self-respect, and accomplishment.

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Our Vision

Portage will develop its unique, positive psychology based therapeutic community approach in order to be recognised as a standard in the field. It will offer both residential and non-residential services, as well as training, project management, and community development in collaboration with other providers in a continuum of services.

Our Values

Portage Foundation

We value Freedom

We strongly believe in the capacity of human beings to strive towards freedom of choice, dignity, and autonomy. The pursuit of personal growth is the inevitable result of the mobilisation of the individual’s internal resources fostered by the stimulating and enriching influence of a favourable environment.

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We value Security

We believe in being expressly client-centered, emphasizing the security of the client and delivering quality services with financial and management discipline.

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We value Respect

We have an unconditional respect for the capacity of individuals to grow and make appropriate choices for themselves.