During the week of September 16 to 22, 2019, Portage Atlantic partnered with Tim Hortons to raise funds to support the Cassidy Lake drug addiction rehabilitation program for adolescents.

Since 1996, the Canadian company Tim Hortons has been holding an annual fundraising campaign for charities across the country. Last year, the Smile Cookie Campaign raised nearly $7.8 million. In 2019, the Oromocto (Gateway and Onondaga) branches, located just a few miles from Fredericton, donated all the campaign proceeds to the Portage Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Program for Adolescents.

Residents of the area could buy a cookie for one dollar and thus support such an important cause. Tim Hortons and Portage jointly announced in late September that $8,324 will be donated to the cause. This partnership makes a huge difference for Portage, which is trying to help as many teenagers as possible, who are struggling with addiction in Atlantic provinces of Canada.

The Cassidy Lake site, which hosts about 150 youth each year, is constantly evolving. Between improving dormitories, creating a sports facility and adapting services for specific clienteles, projects abound!

With more than 46 years of experience, Portage improves its rehabilitation program every year by working with a multidisciplinary team and by offering diversified workstreams. Also, thanks to all its partners, young people who successfully complete their program can benefit from scholarships, if they so desire, of up to $4,000 per person Going back to active life or studies and relationships that may sometimes be harmful are hardships that are difficult to overcome and that’s why Portage implemented a 2-year aftercare follow-up program to assist its graduates in the new life they strive for. The partnership with Tim Hortons is that much more important when we know that for many years, its branches have been hiring young people who have completed their rehabilitation program. “We are very grateful for their support. Not only will the Smile Cookie product help youth, but these two Tim Hortons branches hire out-of-treatment teenagers, which gives them the opportunity to build confidence as they re-enter the community,” said Carol Tracey, Director of Corporate Development at Portage Atlantic.

This campaign’s success has helped nourish the bodies, minds and hopes of these young people who desperately need it.

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