On February 14, all the Portage centres celebrated Metamorphosis Day - Portage’s 51st anniversary.



The Portage Centre at Lac Écho hosted all the Montreal program as well as the Head Office employees. This significant day saw the participation of various members of our large Portage family, including the adult community from the Montreal day center, the residents of the Mother and Children program, and both adolescents programs from Lac Écho, thus highlighting the unity and diversity of our community.

The retirement of Denise, after 29 years of dedicated service at Portage, was a highlight of the day, reflecting the passion and commitment that characterize our employees. The day was also an opportunity to recognize the exceptional work of our colleagues, such as Sonia, who celebrates 45 years of service within the organisation. Other employees were recognized for their loyal years of service, ranging from 5 to 15 years and beyond.

The day was particularly marked by three moving musical performances, offering a moment of relaxation for everyone present. The performances by a teenager on piano, a teenager singing for the first time during her therapy, and two women from the Lac Écho adult program not only demonstrated the talent within our community but also symbolized the stages of transformation experienced by our residents.

We would like to warmly thank Benoit Lauzon and Patrick Varin, the directors of the centres in Prevost, whose commitment made this meaningful reunion possible. We also thank Mr. Paul Coté, Ms. Jane Howlett, and Mr. Laurent Giguère – distinguished members of our board of directors for their commitment and presence during this important event.



On this Metamorphosis Day and the 51st anniversary of Portage, residents of Portage Day Centre in Quebec City as well as staff members, spent the day with the youth at Portage Saint-Malachie centre.

The day included icebreaker activities to get to know each other, unforgettable exchanges, and quizzes! It was all about celebrating recovery, change, the evolution of the residents, and not to forget, sharing a good meal!

The day was not only fun, but it also instilled a profound sense of pride among the participants, strengthening their feeling of belonging.



On Metamorphosis Day at Cassidy Lake, New Brusnwick, a special visit from Jamie, a proud Portage graduate, and his wife, Sarah Jane, kicked off the day. Jamie spoke to everyone about his journey and what recovery means to him.

The celebration continued with a beautiful Metamorphosis Day cake at lunch, and the afternoon brought an empowering virtual talk led by Katie McClure, another Portage Atlantic graduate, who spoke to our female residents.The girls LOVED it!

The rest of the day was filled with creativity and connection as staff and residents decorated Butterfly cookies, and one of our youths showcased his talent with a stunning butterfly drawing. Both residents and staff contributed to this beautiful symbol of transformation by adding a word that represents what Portage means to them.

A special shoutout to our Clinical Counsellor Brad James for organizing yesterday's activities. Thank you to everyone who made this day memorable.



In Ontario, we celebrated Metamorphosis Day and Portage's 51st anniversary at our Elora Center with a beautiful Metamorphosis Day cake and various activities.

What a day to remember and celebrate the achievements of so many of our residents in their journey to recovery.

Celebrating Metamorphosis day is an important milestone that reminds everyone involved—staff, residents, and the broader community—of the progress made and the hope that lies ahead.

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