On September 27th, the Soirée des Grands Philanthropes paid tribute to Mr. Daniel Lamarre, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Cirque du Soleil, for his remarkable contribution to the community. Surrounded by his loved ones, colleagues and several well-known members of the business community, Mr. Lamarre was honoured during a splendid evening with a Cirque-inspired theme.

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The 14th edition of the Soirée des Grands Philanthropes raised $1,125, 000 to help Portage rebuild lives. All funds go to Portage programs in Québec.

One of the most touching moments of the evening was when GianCarlo, a youth who has completed the Portage program, spoke bravely about his journey:

“When I realized I was losing friends because they were dying or going to jail, that’s when I understood the sadness I was causing my parents and the danger I was in. My parents suggested I go to Portage, and that’s where I took control of my life again, finished Secondary 5 and built a new, healthy social circle with my brothers in treatment.   Now that I have completed my program at Portage, I am going to Cegep and I have several exciting projects ahead of me. Thank you to everyone! I am grateful for Portage’s invaluable support.

Mr. Lamarre then spoke, saying “In all modesty, I invite you hereafter not to refer to this evening by my name, as you will surely agree with me that it should bear GianCarlo’s name.

Portage wishes to thank the co-chairmen of the Soirée des grands philanthropes, André Chagnon and Guy Cormier, and the members of the honourary committee: Robert Blain, France Chrétien Desmarais, Michel Dallaire, Marcel Dutil, Serge Godin, Peter. A. Howlett, François Olivier, John Rae, Calin Rovinescu, Colette Taylor and Louis Vachon.

Portage also wishes to thank its partners, the 700 participants and its volunteers. Their generosity, hard work and commitment are the key to our success.

Our youth need your support now more than ever. Thank you so much.


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