Portage’s governance structure is comprised of a Board of Trustees, a Board of Governors, and Regional Boards, made up of volunteers dedicated to addressing drug addiction issues in their communities.

Board of Trustees

Generously offering their time, the members of the Board of Trustees oversee the proper functioning of the organisation. Many of them sit on various committees that support clinical and administrative programs.

  • Peter A. Howlett, President and Secretary
  • André Chagnon, Vice President
  • Ted DiGiorgio, Treasurer
  • Peter Caven
  • Paul Côté
  • Jean Coutu
  • Michel Dallaire
  • Michel Décary
  • Jacques Duchesneau
  • Stéphane Dufort
  • Brian Evans
  • Laurent Giguère
  • Russell King
  • Tricia L. Kuhl
  • Richard Legault
  • Kimberly Miousse
  • Roderick C. Nolan
  • Dorothy Reitman
  • Harriet Stairs
  • Marcel Villeneuve
  • Ann Vroom
  • Harvey Yarosky

Board of Governors

The Portage Program for Drug Dependencies Inc. is composed of approximately 250 Governors who each serve a one-year renewable term. These Governors help bring Portage’s message to the community and are chosen among the leaders in their field. The Board of Governors meets once a year at Portage's Annual General Meeting, where they elect the Board of Trustees, adopt the financial statements, and appoint the auditors.

Regional Boards

Regional boards, made up of community leaders, ensure the proper governance of Portage Atlantic and Portage Ontario, overseeing the operations of the centres in those regions and ensuring the transparency of services.

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